Business Coaching

Focus on you mindfulness coaching logo Focus on You is a service provided by Alice Bacon; life coach, business and corporate coach and motivational speaker. Alice has over 20 years of Human Resource Management and leadership experience across the hospitality and telecommunications industry, with a proven record of developing and leading others to success. Excelling in change management, strategic leadership, remote management of global projects and building collaborative partnerships across organisations.

Alice’s key focus is in Mindfulness Coaching and Emotional Intelligence. She is intuitively able to connect to others and break down barriers to resistance and old thought patterns – resulting in new thought patterns, welcoming change, effective output and behaviours while developing a strong sense of belonging (personally and within organisations).

Focus on You specialises in:

  • Personal, Staff and Leadership Development.
  • 1:1 coaching.
  • Group training.

Offering individual development and group training for achieving best version of self

Break down the barriers to untapped potential and inherent genius.

Achieve optimal outcomes and wellbeing across all aspects of life (personal and business).

Grow your awareness, accountability, ownership and self-realisation.

Achieve an innate sense of self-worth, value and belonging.

Every human being has within them the ability for transformation.

Learn how to discover root cause of problems.

Become an active listener.

Manage effective conversations.

Learn how to apply purposeful and meaningful thinking.

Focus on You Business Coaching & Training Services

Options Duration Pricing
Evaluation Consultation

Recommendation / assessment of needs
1 - 2 hours FREE
1:1 Coaching Development / Consulting

Target specific problem areas of wellbeing for individuals
Hourly $300 per Hour
Workshop ‘Observer of Self’ (Adelaide Metro under 100km radius) 8 hours $900 per Day
Workshop ‘Observer of Self’ (Regional/Interstate over 100km) 8 hours $1,800 per Day
Tailored Training

Organisational areas of challenge (Top 2 - 3 pain points)
Up to 8 hours $1,800 per Day

Pricing is at the discretion of Focus On You and subject to change.
Pricing excludes variables i.e. preparation & disbursements. These are provided on quotation/upon request.
Observer of Self: Up to 8 participants per workshop to allow maximum benefit achieved in a focused group.