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Alice Bacon - life coach, business & corporate coach and motivational speaker.

I used to think that my life (that I lived and experienced) defined who I was.

For every negative and challenging experience, I would consume myself in mind thoughts. Replaying the situation or conversation over and over in my head until it made some sort of sense to me or until it at least directed me on what to do next.

Little did I know that I was influencing and controlling a reality that never needed to exist.

prison of my mind

The concept of living life without a constant stream of mind chatter was completely foreign to me.

My awakening (of myself as such) was when I heard Eckhart Tolle explain that boredom is the mind’s resistance to the moment of the NOW.

prison of thoughts of anxiety

The moment of the NOW (the only time that is real) was a strange concept, and one that I battled to comprehend for a number of months.

To live a life outside of my mind was like nothing I had ever experienced.

Unbeknown to me, I realised that I had spent most of the 45 years of my life being a prisoner of my own mind.

Alice Bacon, Focus On You mindfulness coach

About thinking patterns

Left side of the brain
  • Tells stories to make sense of what it sees.
  • It processes information analytically and sequentially.
  • It looks first at the pieces of the picture and then puts the pieces together to get a whole picture.
The stories created by the left side of the brain can be true or they can be false.
Right side of the brain
  • Sees things concretely.
  • It processes information intuitively and simultaneously.
  • It looks first at the whole picture and then breaks the picture into detail.
The right side of the brain sees it for the reality that it is.
the power of the mind
Left side of the brain

“I wonder what I have done to upset my partner. I should prepare myself for a discussion.”

Right side of the brain

“My partner hasn’t been himself these last couple of days.”

Left side of the brain

“I am never going to progress at work. I will need to look for another job.”

Right side of the brain

“I didn’t get the promotion at work.”

The right side of the brain ideally needs to step in and be the parent to the left side of the brain:
  • “I am going to talk to my partner to see if everything is okay.”
  • “I am going to book in some time with my manager to determine how I can progress my career.”

When I came to you I was lost... Lost in my thoughts, lost in my feelings.... just lost.

I didn't understand my mind and how it was suffocating my heart... my true.

Coming and seeing you that Monday was life changing and even though I have the occasional relapse in my thoughts, I know that I can always talk to you and you will release me from my thoughts.”

N. Micallef, Munno Para West SA