Mindfulness and Intuitive Coaching

Let go of life as you know it and live life as it is.

When you interact with yourself and others do you lead and live your life from the NOW, the only moment that is real?

Many people find they are living in the past or the future, rather than truly experiencing life right now.

see life the way you want to see it

I have a heartfelt desire to make a difference; to change lives by changing people’s thinking. To share insight that our true self patiently waits untill we are ready to come forth and shine, as opposed to living life on ‘auto pilot’ in reflection of past or future thoughts or fears, where we ultimately limit ourselves by our own thought process.

I offer 1:1 sessions (personal, business and corporate), team building and group workshops to aid and discover who you are and to understand from a process and emotional perspective what may be going on inside of you.

This is about teaching yourself to see problems for what they are, not what you think they are.

Our session will enable you to decide on the right course of action for any given problem. A practice that is embraced for the rest of your life.

Mindfulness Coaching Services


Mindfulness is not a product, it's a process. Learning these life skills requires some structure on our part as well as your commitment.

Delivery of our services is implemented in three stages. While all are optional, they must follow in sequence:

1. Assessment Consult

Prior to initiating the programme, we need to have a brief, evaluative conversation. I can not initiate Mindfulness Healing without talking to you, first.

Schedule Consult

  0402 240 280

2. Focus on You Consult

The “Focus on You” Consult is the most critical stage of Mindfulness Coaching. Healing requires change, and change requires time.

3. Mindfulness Coaching Sessions

Personal Coaching Sessions deliver the full value of Mindfulness, which once discovered opens the door to interpreting life in a whole new way, while enabling you to incorporate these skills as best suits you.

Please refer to our packages below to save money on your journey!

Healing Coaching


learn mindfulness to live a normal life
  • Share insight, learnings and knowledge.
  • Recognize it is our own thoughts (mental distractions) that create a feeling of separation between ourselves and others.
  • Understand the mind is impersonal and unbiased in its processing of our thoughts.
  • Be able to distinguish the difference between error thinking and the mind’s purpose to think openly.
  • Begin the dissolution of one’s self-limitation (fears, doubts, anxiety, stress etc) that are initially self-created in the mind.
  • Understand the difference between a mind that serves us versus being negatively influenced by the mind.
  • Be empowered to cease the false stories that we create to make sense of a situation.
  • Represent ourselves and interact with others.
  • Embrace unconditional acceptance within ourselves and each other irrespective of life conditioning, life experience and beliefs.
  • Enable our intuition (for new thoughts and creatives ideas) that can be limited/blocked by own self-created thoughts.
  • Be alert to destructive mind thoughts and no longer feed fear based emotions (ours or others).
  • Recognize the difference between ‘heart truth’ and what the mind regards as the truth.
  • Understand emotions are derived from the thought process and the unconscious behavioural pattern of the mind.
  • Gain insight into being selfless to oneself (non-reactive to the ego – ours and others).
  • Recognize equality and the importance of every human being.
  • Connect with the soul and higher-self through self-awareness and to be able to recognise who we truly are.


learn mindfulness to live a normal life
  • Understand and value the power and influence of love within.
  • Understand who we are as an individual and as part of a collective group.
  • Understand the mind for the incredible sacred, rational and intuitive tool that it is.
  • Demonstrate living from our heart where our inner peace and joy to life already exists.
  • Ensure control of our life path and live life to our full potential.
  • Be empowered to create a reality that the heart desires.
  • Become a ripple effect for oneself and others.
  • Feel good about oneself and others.
  • Enable the heart to receive.
  • Connect with the conscious intelligence and energy source that is within and all around us.
  • See, experience and acknowledge opportunities as they present.
  • Experience the moment of the now (life’s true existence). Live in the moment.
  • Connect in oneness (as part of a group) to evolve and excel in awareness and self-knowledge with others and experience the connection to the power of life itself.
  • Benefits of self-observation, self-awareness and self-accountability.
  • Acceptance and ownership of oneself.
  • Being kind to oneself.
  • Being selfless and appreciate the value to oneself and others.
  • Confidence in a world of possibilities.
  • Enabling one to make changes in life and ultimately to attain inner peace and purpose.
  • Empowerment of self-awareness and self-belief.
  • Empowerment to influence one’s personal and career direction.
  • Use easy to remember tools and affirmations to lead and influence a positive life.

✱ Permission has been acquired to publish the following SMS’s that were received from a client following a 2 hour trial coaching session.

The client’s response on request:

All good.....
If it helps someone like me! I'm all for it :)
Thank you Alice...... you truly changed me and my life.

Thank you for today...
You were right
Had a few loose thoughts on the way home ...
Decided to call XXX and have a nice start of the weekend chat! Something we haven't done for a long time...

SMS received after 5 days

I would like to ask for your feedback and your thoughts on what we went through :)

As for me!! :) I had, pretty much the same day, a penny drop moment in myself, and have been able to focus my thoughts, feelings and actions with a lot more confidence! If that's the right way to explain how I feel.

Honesty has always been something I have lead by, and to now use that tool on myself, I'm feeling more relaxed and focused, and I suppose happier.

My Ego has taken a back seat that's for sure, and have noticed how much it tries to control things, not just in me, but others around me. I've even used your 4 sentences a number of times, which has given me some kind of empowerment! again not sure if that's the best way to explain it.

SMS received after 11 days

We have decided to let XXX have our house in Grange, and XXX and I to move into the apartment full time, after visiting her in her rental over the weekend... It was a bit disturbing for me to think I would let someone I love, live in a place I wouldn't keep a stray animal.

So you were right in the fact she needs me and everyone around her in more ways than I realised. To see her face change from sadness to total joy, not just for her, but my two beautiful grandchildren gave me a warm feeling, and to hell with all The negative thoughts and feelings...

I know that's just a start, but it's a good start, especially from where I was not so long ago... All good in my court... really!!

SMS received after 9 weeks

An amazing and very interesting time!

Some good, some bad, and some indifferent! But at the same time, for the greater good... very clear...

XXX mentioned you had sent her something to ponder over... thank you :) so much... she needs some help, I think... not quite the same coming from me, maybe she needs your guidance :) and someone like you to help her understand her soul and mind.

I have asked her to catch up with you (as a paying client) for the benefit of us both... upon our return from our trip to America on Wednesday next week.

I haven't forgotten, and will never forget the day you made my soul wake up and take back what belongs to it! And the power I now have to influence things for the good. I know I have a long way to go, and I'm amazed at the connections people have! Especially when you always seem to text me when things are testing...

I could go on forever with things, and connections, and feelings (positive), but I won't.