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Focus On You | Mindfulness Workshops

Focus on You Mindfulness Workshops may be hosted at community venues, public spaces, business premises and even private homes.

Invest in yourself and become all that you truly are...

mindfulness group workshop

Become a master of your own fate by letting go of life as you know it and living life as it is.


To enable change and gain enlightenment using A-O-A
(Focus on You) Approach

  • Experience life without judgement
  • Learn the ability to remain neutral in situations
  • Understanding what thoughts actually are
  • Become non-reactive to negative situations / emotions
  • See life as ‘it is’ and no longer as ‘you think it is’
  • Selfless to the ego (yours and others)
  • Kindness (to yourself and to others)

Heart Truth versus Mind Truth
The emotional intelligence steps involved to identify and achieve what you would like in life
Manage stress and anxiety by accessing your inner peace
Learn to communicate effectively
Break old patterns and habits
Identify your personal / career pathway
Walk away with simple tools that can be applied immediately


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.

[Albert Einstein]

The starting point of all achievement is desire.

[Napoleon Hill]

Emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success.

[Daniel Goleman]

When we become the observer of our thoughts we see life as it is and no longer as we think it is.

[Alice Bacon]

By attending one of my workshops each participant will benefit from an introductory $50 discount offer for a 1:1 Focus On You Coaching Consult.

What did you gain from our Mindfulness Workshop?

  • That I am on the right track regarding changing the way I react to people and situations.

    Thank you Alice for the workshop. You came across as extremely confident and knowledgeable with obviously many years of experience. Thank you for sharing.”

    Julie, December 2015
  • I got a great feeling as soon as I walked in.

    Learnt not to react. Be in the now. Tools on how. Ripple effect.”

    Deanne, December 2015
  • New ways to deal with anxious and negative tension. Thank you Alice this has been a very valuable workshop.”

    Madi, December 2015
  • Knowledge to trust my inner self, my thoughts from my heart. If I can stop using my ego I can change my situation for the better.”

    Emily, December 2015
  • Excellent insight into how our mind works and handy techniques to improve.”

    Najla, December 2015
  • Discovering my thought patterns can be changed. I need to listen to understand.”

    Samantha, December 2015
  • My negativity about myself is a real problem, need to stop putting myself down.”

    Shayna, December 2015
  • I feel empowered. Will definitely use A.O.A and other tools provided.”

    Sara, December 2015
  • Good presentation with lots to think about and put into action.”

    Anthea, December 2015
  • Insight into how parts of the brain works and how powerful the ripple effect can be.”

    Gabby, December 2015
  • Need to stop focusing on my ego and concentrate on the heart.”

    Vic, December 2015
  • Creating space. Feel for the space. I love ‘vision without a plan is an illusion’

    Who am I that notices this. Need to remember that.”

    Jessica, December 2015
  • Enable space in your mind. Not allowing the ego to be active.”

    Lauren, December 2015
  • Understanding the importance in the moment of the NOW – reducing the clutter.”

    Anna, December 2015
  • I have mind clutter. I should focus on heart – heart.”

    Enza, December 2015
  • Being in the present.”

    Hoa, December 2015

Mindfulness Workshops & Motivational Speaking

Uniting in unconditional oneness with others is to connect to the power of life itself.

When two or more come together in unconditional oneness (a selfless place of pure heart and love) we connect to the same conscious intelligence and heightened energy source.